Meeting in Rome with my American colleagues and friends

Roma, 07-10-2022

In the enchanting setting of the Eternal City, on October 7th, I had the pleasure to welcome to my office some important American colleagues and friends.


I was delighted to receive a meeting request from my colleague Mr. Serjik (Serj) Markarian, Broker of The Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales, LLC.


Mr. Serjik came to my office joined by the colleagues Ms. Luz V. Abreu, CEO of Home Miami Realtors and Ms. Claudia Cornejo of Claudia & Associates Real Estate Group (Washington D.C.).


Later I welcomed also the colleague Ms. Lourdes Maestres, Team Leader of The MPH Team Compass in Fort Lauderdale.


All of us appreciated a lot the time spent together and, supported by my Client Relations Manager Aurora Cera, we exchanged views on the Italian and American real estate markets’ developments and trends, but also on the role and the updated operational dynamics of the real estate agent in both parts of the world, with all the differences and similarities that this entails.


Without a shadow of doubt, we noticed that we share the spirit and the dedication with which we work in the real estate world, aiming at the achievement of big goals but above all trying to create and strengthen a network of colleagues which allows us to help one another and to help our Clients make their dreams come true anywhere in the world.


I want to thank again these colleagues and friends of mine for their visit. I hope I will work with them very soon but I would also love to meet them again in the near future.



Maurizio Pezzetta


Link to the video shot with the colleague Lourdes Maestres: