EREN Meeting Lisbon 2016

Roma, 25-11-2016

On 11th and 12th November 2016 Lisbon has hosted the last periodic meeting of our European Network of our company EREN Ltd, of which we are Founding Member, hosted by our Portuguese partner Quintela & Penalva. You can also find a selection of photos of this interesting meeting. Professor Luis Menezes Leitão (President of the Lisbon association of Property Owners and Chairman of the Superior Council of the Portuguese Bar Association), Pedro Sáragga Leal (Lawyer - Senior Partner of PLMJ Law Firm), Gonçalo Nascimento Rodrigues (Independent Property Finance Consultant - Managing Director of the company OTBX), Pedro Silveira (Real Estate Developer - Chairman of the Board of Grupo SIL) have taken part to the meeting for showing us the commercial, juridical, administrative and fiscal aspects of the Portuguese market and the benefits foreseen for the foreign buyers. As always the meeting has also faced the different markets analysis and the future previsions. As usual all the meeting has taken place in a professional climate, but also with pleasant conviviality moments thanks to the strict friendship and estimate relationships that there is among all the brokers members of the network.